Why a Blog?


Documenting My Life

Sometimes I end up with great photos, and I keep them to myself. If I do share some of the photos on social media, it is only a select few, and often the story gets left behind. I hope to instead share my stories on this blog, and my photography throughout this website.

Photography Fascinates Me

My dad loaned me his Canon Rebel T3i a few years ago, and I used it non stop until I upgraded to my current camera (see blog post: The Camera I Use). Before I had a proper camera to use, I would use my iPhone to photograph EVERYTHING. I cherish every moment and try to document as much as is humanly possible.

Artistic Experimentation

Photography allows me creative freedom. I absolutely love photo editing, so subsequently I always need original content to edit and experiment with.




I went on a trip around the world in the year after my graduation. I found that it was a struggle to communicate with my friends and family afterward all that I’d experienced because there was just too much to tell in one conversation. I like the idea of being able to share my stories in one place.

Inspiring Adventure

I am cautious by nature. However, I have learned over time to embrace adventure and welcome new experiences.¬†Every weekend I discover epic locations, interesting people, and expose myself to adventure. It’s my hope that by reading about my experience, you’ll decide to follow suit.

Sharing Knowledge

Over the past few years, I have captured many moments, learned many lessons, and collected a lot of knowledge. From photo editing tricks, workflow, travel tips, hiking recommendations, camera gear, and motivating words, I want to share the knowledge that has shaped me.

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