A (Rawson Lake) Mountain Adventure

Rawson Lake, Kananaskis Country (PC: @calebjmaurice)

This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving.

Because I attend University so far away from home (Lethbridge, AB РWhitehorse, YT) I decided to road-trip from Lethbridge to Edmonton, Alberta to spend the long weekend my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

Kananaskis Country, Lower Lake (pc: @_joshes)


Bright and early Saturday morning, my twin cousins (Aileen & Hilary) and I packed our day packs, met with some of their friends, and got on the road for Kananaskis country. We picked up more friends along the way until there was 8 of us traveling together in search of some mountains to climb.

Waterfall, Kananaskis


Driving into Peter Lougheed Provincial Park was stunning. The mountains seemed to have come out of nowhere, but now we were driving through in awe of their size. We roasted some smokies around a campfire at the lower lake, snapped some pictures, and began the climb to Upper Rawson Lake.

Rawson Lake, Kananaskis Country


It wasn’t a particularly difficult climb, but few of us were in shape (I certainly wasn’t). It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon our first waterfall. After about an hour of climbing, we reached Rawson Lake. It was majestic.

The view was overwhelming and absolutely beautiful. The rock face rose sharply from a beautiful lake right across from us, and the light rain created a mysterious and beautiful fog around the mountaintop.

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