Spontaneous Trip to Vancouver, BC

The Adventure of a Spontaneous Trip

Driving time: 28 hours. One beautiful and sleepless weekend. A collection of creative minds. Incredible-quick-find-a-spot-to-pull-over sunsets. Bouncing-on-your-toes-in-excitement sunrises. @jayrmcdonald and @davebradly cranking the music with the windows down. Moments of stress when the car loses power braking, and moments of relief when you’re back on the road. Heart sinking when you get locked inside a park, and heart leaping when you witness a wall of fog over a still lake. Plenty of stories to share, and video and pictures to bring our spontaneous trip to Vancouver to life. ❤️


Location: Golden Ears Provincial Park, Vancouver, BC

Time Spent: 1 Day

Month: November


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