Hiking to the Abandoned Boat House, Königssee, Bavaria

Berchtesgardener Land

I discovered this location through social media. My Instagram was constantly peppered with images of a boat house sitting on a moody lake in Bavaria, and it was so close to my Oma’s house in Germany that I hopped on a train and went to see it for myself. It may not have been a moody atmosphere that day, but the entire journey to get there, which included a boat ride on Königssee and a hike to a majestic waterfall in Berchtesgardner Land, was absolutely worth the journey.

The boat ride is incredibly scenic across Königssee (meaning King’s Lake), situated near the German- Austrian border in Bayern (Bavaria). The best part of the boat ride is the moment in which the guide plays trumpet in the middle of the lake so that passengers can hear the famous echo that is created.

Boats are used for transportation to St Bartholoma church, halfway down the lake. If you continue on the boat, you can also reach Obersee; the far end of the lake.

Obsersee (meaning Upper Lake) was so still that it acted like a mirror. I came early to beat all the tourists, and so had a beautiful scene almost all to myself. The deepest and cleanest lake in Germany is just a short hike from the massive Königssee. An incredible reward without strenuous effort.

Location: Berchtesgardener Land

Time Spent: 1 Day

Month: May


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