Favourite Accessories: Woven Crown Braid and a Backless Bodysuit

I was so happy with how this Woven Crown Braid turned out that I repeated it again the next day! I especially appreciate how easy and quick it was to create. I would say that it took me under 5 minutes to braid with minimal effort and no tired arms. And it still immediately dressed

Top 5 Faves in Ucluelet

  The Location: Ucluelet is small, but full of quaint coffee shops and beautiful hikes. Sarah’s backyard opens out into a rocky beach area where the dogs can run freely and tidal pools can be explored for various sea creatures. We actually found some fresh oysters which I tried raw

Surfing in Tofino

    This was my first time surfing!! I was nervous about how cold the water would be in February, but apparently the water temperature doesn’t fluctuate very much during the year in Tofino. Also, off season surfing gear was extremely affordable, so I was not lacking in the proper equipment.

Our Pizza Photoshoot that went Viral (40.1K + Shares)

When Nicole Larson reached out to me this time last week, and told me she wanted to do a couple photoshoot with pizza, I of course fell in love with the idea, and was motivated to get creative! As soon as she proposed her hilarious idea (which by the way,