Table Mountain, Castle




This was my first hike in the Castle area in Southern Alberta, and I was not disappointed. On the drive back home, I was already digging into the Castle Hiking Handbook to get ideas for more hikes to do this summer. I hope you can get a small taste of how beautiful Table Mountain was from these photos. I was blown away, and because there was no wind at the summit, I could have sat there all day.
Hiking mid-April meant there was still snow on the ground, but the weather was warm enough to hike without a jacket. Unfortunately, sunny weather combined with bright white snow meant the likelihood of a sunburn was high. Sure enough, I ended up with a deep red sunburn on my neck. Worth it? Totally.
When we reached the summit, it was breathtaking, but apparently the point at which we ended the hike, doesn’t necessarily have to be the end. The entire ridge can be hiked, and is something that I would like to try in the future.
HOW LONG IS THIS HIKE                                                                                                                         
This hike is only 8km round trip, but it can be relatively steep. The hike itself is beautiful, and the payoff is unbelievable. It is about a 2-4 hour round trip hike, but it is easy to take your time because there many nice places to stop and take in the view.

M I R I A M  L E N A


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