Prom Dress Photography in the Yukon Mountains




Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend my sister’s prom as I was still travelling in Europe. So this week we climbed a mountain together with our mum and took her prom pictures in the mountains.


We chose the Bonneville Lakes hike near Fish Lake, in Whitehorse, as my mum recommended it (did it have anything to do with her being proposed to on the top of this same mountain 25 years ago, perhaps?!). It had gorgeous 360 views which allowed for beautifully variety in mountainous backgrounds.


We wanted these photos to be extra special and put this gorgeous gown on display because A) it is a beautiful custom gown, and B) because our outrageously gifted cousin, Aileen Twa, (facebook linked here) made this custom gown for Sarah for her prom. The fabric she used was wonderfully heavy and luxurious and was originally ivory before she hand dipped the material to create the resulting ombre effect.


Sarah was able to follow the entire process through social media and only made one quick trip down to Vancouver for a fitting. Thanks to texting and facebook messenger, she was able to make decisions with Aileen in choosing whether to have a sweetheart neckline or to go sleeveless, but what you see here is exactly what Sarah has always wanted. Aileen was able to bring that vision to life and more, and I’m sure it will be a dress that she will treasure forever.


M I R I A M  L E N A


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